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Children Lessons

We grew up in these mountains. We learned to ski with our parents. They taught us to love skiing and the mountains. We are grateful to them. They gave us their best, but they were not specialists. Sometimes our parents were angry to us for not listening to them. It is very hard to teach your loved ones, isn't it?

This is why a lesson with a specialist outside your family is the best way to learn. We have many years of experience in working with children. We learned how their mind works. We know how to teach them in a fun way. You will be surprised how fast your children will progress. After few days you will be able to enjoy skiing with them.

Many children find snowboarding “cool” and are very eager to learn. Over the years we have taught many children to acquire this new skill. With our lessons you can give them the choice to choose what they like most: skiing or snowboarding.

Why choose us ?

  • From our experience the private lessons are the best way to learn or improve: you pay for your child time only, we focus on her/his needs, and your child will learn fast. We can organize group lessons, too, if you have more children and you want them to learn together.
  • We have 15+ years of experience with children of any age and we learned their psychology. We know how to keep their attention, how to motivate them, and help them grow their confidence in their skills.
  • We love children. Our main goal is for them to improve while having FUN. We love to see a big smile on their face.
  • We speak the children's language: English, German, Polish, Czech, Pizza and French fries.
  • Your children will learn the safety on the mountain.
  • We take care of your children while you are enjoying your time alone.
  • Your children's success is our main focus. In case our offer does not fit your needs, we can recommend you another school.

Your children's safety is our top priority! Children must wear a helmet all the time!