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Adults Lessons

Life is a continuous school. Since we are constantly learning, why not learn something fun? Life is meant to be fun, isn't it? We believe that it is possible to learn skiing and snowboarding at any age.

Do you think you are not skillful? It doesn't matter, you don't need to be a racer, it is enough if you enjoy it.

Can you already ski? You can always improve your carving, the short turns, or learn snowboarding.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, we can help you build or rebuild confidence, improve your technique, or be challenged by skiing or snowboarding faster on more difficult terrain.

Why choose us ?

  • From our experience the private lessons are the best way to learn or improve: you pay for your time only, we focus on your needs, and your will learn fast. We can also organize group lessons if you want to ski in the family or with your friends.
  • We are the only instructors in Špindlerův Mlýn that have 15+ years of experience with people of any age. Our lessons are practical and relevant to you, we treat you with respect, and we give you constructive feedback.
  • You learn directly on the top of the mountain. You do not need to waste your time and money on the bottom of the mountain. From our experience this is the fastest way to learn and gain confidence.
  • The equipment that you use is very important. We've seen many people struggling to learn because they had bad shoes, inappropriate size of the ski, or snowboards with wrong distance of the bindings. We can come with you at the rental of your choice and help you choose the right equipment for you.
  • On request we can make a video analysis of your technique to help you improve.
  • We speak many languages: English, German, Polish, and Czech.
  • We are friendly and helpful. We are not just teachers, we are storytellers. We can discuss many things: the mountains, the best places to eat, the activities that you can do, the Czechs, or life in general. We value the relationships. Many former clients are now our friends. You can gain more from our lessons, not only skiing and snowboarding.